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The experiment was running smoothly. The prokaryotes and eukaryotes seemed to finally get along with each other. Now a new organism was being made, none like any other, multiplying rapidly. The computer was greeted with a pop-up that said, "DANGER. Extremely dangerous organism in presence, leave immediately," but as usual he clicked the close button and, this time, ignored it. He failed too many times to let this experiment be compromised by some silly little warning that seemed to ruin all the others.
"Wait till the science board sees this," he said as he made sure that the computer was recording the experiment. Within seconds there was a loud crash as the glass box fell to the cold, black cemented floor. He turned to see the shattered glass on the floor, thinking to himself that's weird. As soon as the glass shattered the alarm on the computer went off to announce trouble. The man went towards the computer and typed in the code to stop the awful, shrill sound. Deciding to go get the broom from the janitor's closet, across the way, he turned towards the door to start to walk towards it, but found that he couldn't move. He looked down and saw the black vines start to make their way up his leg. He tried to move his legs with no success, as panic and fear started to creep within his mind. By the time he looked back down, the vines were around both his legs and his left side of his torso, but the vines still continued to move faster and faster up his body engulfing him like night does to day. Now all his body was covered in the black vines as if wrapped in a cape that had no opening to get in or out of. He, finally, realized his future was looking grim and took a big breath to scream, but instead the vines covered his mouth, and finally covered his entire head to leave him in an altered world with no light.

The early morning light starts to crawl towards the disaster. It dances upon the figure, making it look prettier than it should by having warm, welcoming light shining upon it. The sound of distant high heels echoing in the halls comes closer to the door each time. The door creaks as it opens, shedding more light upon the surprise in store for the person who came to find it. As the door slowly closes, the echoes of those same high heels are growing quieter and quieter as they run away in the opposite direction.

Beep, beep, beep; the bland beeping continues until a tired hand crawls its way to the small, black alarm clock, and switches the button off. With ease and grace the woman stands up and makes her way to the tiny lilac bathroom. She looks in the mirror, combs her reddish-brown hair and applies mascara to her gray eyes. She dresses in her normal, everyday clothes, which consists of dark blue jeans, navy blue converse shoes, a white shirt, and a red hoodie. As she starts making her way down the multiple flights of stairs to reach the parking garage, her red crimson cell phone starts to vibrate. She glances at it, starring for a while at the big, black, bold letters of the word work, on her caller I.D.
"Here we go again," she says wearily.
The woman pulls up in a silver Honda Civic to an abandoned high school. Police cars are everywhere with their lights flickering from blue to red to white, and then back to blue. The area is surrounded by the yellow Do Not Cross tape, along with police officers slightly blocking bystanders' views and keeping them out at the same time. An ambulance is blocking the school entrance to stop the innocent bystanders from seeing anything. She parks anywhere she can, and gradually makes her way to the yellow tape.
"What's going on here?" she asks curiously to a teenager trying to look past the policemen.
"Well, supposedly there's been a murder or something inside the school, and I'm trying to look past these blockheads to see the body," replied the Goth teenage boy.
"Well, you're wrong. It's just a dead body that has been here for a while now, so it's all decayed and stuff."
"How do you know that?"
"Because I'm the one working on the case," she replies as she ducks underneath the yellow tape.
"What? Wait-," the Goth teenage boy begins, but his voice drowns out the closer she gets towards the entrance.
The crime scene has police swarming everywhere. Some are taking pictures of the crime scene, dusting for fingerprints, or talking to each other while drinking coffee, but most of them are staring at the body.
"Will you get out of here!" says the medical examiner that has black hair and green eyes. The woman steps forward to stand next to the medical examiner, which is kneeling to examine the body. The body was wrapped in a layer of dead skin resembling an Egyptian mummy.
"So, Lisa, what happened to this guy?" asked the woman.
"Well, Ms. Black-," started the medical examiner, Lisa, but was interrupted.
"Ms. Black, why did you call me that, you know that I hate when people call me that. And you're my best friend, come on you're supposed to know that."
"The reason why I called you that Holly is that you were late, again. Why are you never here on time?" asked Lisa sassily.
"What happened to our victim?" asked Holly. Lisa could tell there was tension with that subject, so she followed in the direction that Holly wanted because if she didn't she knew that Holly would leave and wouldn't come back until tomorrow to start the case.
"It looks like our victim has been here for a while now and no one knew-." "Okay, I knew that, but is there anything else that's special about this case?"
"Then what are we doing here? This case has no cause at all for us to be here."
"Well, actually, it does," replied an African American police officer with shaved dark brown hair and brown eyes.
"And who are you?" asked Holly brashly.
"I'm Joseph Grant; I'll be your partner on this case."
"Partner, I don't have or work with partners," she responded again with the same brashness.
"Well, apparently your boss thinks you do need one," politely said Joseph. Holly was eying him, looking at him suspiciously, like he was the suspect of the case. Lisa just stood there waiting for Holly to start her famous degrading speeches, but was shocked of what came next.
"I like you Joseph, you're just what I need as a partner," warmly stated Holly. However, Lisa was right when Holly continued to talk.
"However, you probably won't be my partner because it seems like you have no experience at all, and your real job is being a police officer."
Quickly Joseph retorted, "And what's wrong with being a police officer, because the way that I see it, we save millions of lives every day."
"Are you mistaking yourself for a firefighter or doctor because they're the only ones who seem to be saving lives. Now police officers usually sit in their patrol cars every single day and drink coffee and eat donuts. Yeah, you guys are saving millions of lives alright," sarcastically said Holly. Deciding to cut the tension, Lisa tried to interfere to save the explosion about to happen.
"So, Joseph you're not from around here, where you from?" Joseph at the time was staring down Holly.
"I'm from the East coast, D.C. to be exact," replied Joseph without taking his eyes off of Holly, keeping that same intense stare. The same stare was being stared back to him.
"D.C., wow, is it true that you were the best at your job back there?" asked Lisa nervously waiting for the argument to begin again.
"Yeah, that's why I transferred here. I worked in homicide-. Hey where are you going?"
"I'm going to call my boss, away from YOU, so he can tell me that there has been a mistake, and that I'm not working with YOU," replied Holly snobbishly with deep hatred running in her voice every time she said the words you. Quickly she moved her way across the room to the other side, so she can keep having the intense eye staring contest with Joseph. However, he ignored her.
"Jesus is she that bad. I mean I heard rumors and stuff, but GOD she is so annoying and degrading."
"Well, I've known her for a while now, and I'm use to the way she acts," replied Lisa with a slight smile on her face.
"I don't know how you put up with it," said Joseph while he pointed at Holly. Lisa chuckled.
"You want to know the one way that will drive Holly nuts." Joseph nodded showing glee within his eyes.
"All you got to do is one, call her Ms. Black, or two, just keep interrupting her."
"Great to know," responded Joseph while he rubbed his hands together mischievously. At that moment they could hear Holly in the background complaining.
"But Sir… I don't need a partner… That little event caused nobody harm, and you know it. I mean I don't get why I need to notify you what my next move is going to be… but my plans always work, and you know it… okay, the plan still worked… but it went right, nothing bad happened… but it went RIGHT… I don't agree with your decision, it doesn't make sense. I'm good without a partner…OH, COME ON. But I don't like this guy… I don't care if he was the best of his team… Why should I care if he was, I wouldn't even care if he was a part of the FBI or CIA. I DON'T NEED A PARTNER… Okay, fine, I'll deal with it, but you owe me… YES you do… my plans don't affect our agreements… FINE you win.... Goodbye Sir." Holly hung up her red crimson cell phone and started to advance across the room, trying to put a warm, welcoming smile on her face, but not succeeding to well.
"So, partner… nice to meet you," Holly said through gritted smiling teeth. She put out her hand to Joseph. Joseph gladly accepted, and shook Holly's hand. Even though he knew that the war wasn't over between them.
"Well, Joseph-," started Holly.
"Call me Joe." There was a slight glimpse of annoyance in Holly's eyes, but she held back because if she messed this "partnership" up, her boss would not be happy. He would probably cut her off the force, but would bring her back in no time like the other times when she got suspended. There was always a case that no one could figure out except for her, so he would bring her back. Each time he would repeat the rules, but each time she would always break them.
"Well, Joe, why do you say that this case is "special"?" asked Holly, imitating the quotation marks on the word special.
"Because our witness who found the body said that he was alive last night," answered Joe.
"Okay, who's he, who's our witness, and how does she know it's the person that she saw or heard from last night?" questioned Holly.
"Well get this, our eye witness is Kendra Perkins, and she says that our victim is David Spencer, they were doing an experiment here. Apparently he was alive and well last night when she left to go home. She left him here by himself," replied Joe.
"That still doesn't prove that this is David Spencer, mainly because this guy is a corpse not a fresh kill."
"Yes I didn't believe it myself, but then I saw the video."
"What video?" asked Holly, who looked intrigued. Joe then takes Holly towards the computer and hits the play button.
The video showed all. The two organisms combining, the glass box falling off the table, the alarm going off, and even their so called victim.
"Are you sure that's David?" questioned Holly.
"I don't know. Let's ask Kendra," replied Joe. Holly and Joe start making their way to Kendra. They approach a blond woman with blue eyes; she's wearing a black suit with black high heels. Her eyes are blood-shot and her nose is red.
"Do you know if they were together?" whispered Holly.
"No. Why?" Joe whispered back.
"Maybe because of the way she's crying. Jeez- she needs to stop crying she looks hideous," she whispered to Joe. Joe gave her a dirty look.
"WHAT?" Holly answered innocently.
"Mrs. Perkins?" Joe asked softly.
"Yes?" Kendra looked around quizzically.
"I'm sorry to bother you, but I need to know if this is David in the video. Can you do that for us?" Kendra nodded her head. Joe led her to the computer screen and hit play. Kendra's eyes started to fill with tears as the video continued on.
"That's him alright. No one else has those light blue eyes or light brown hair like David did." Holly stared at Joe with big eyes trying to hide her laughter from the distraught woman. Joe mouthed the words, "Would you quit it!?" while giving Holly the same intense stare from before. However, Holly ignored him and responded to his actions by pushing it even farther.
"Mrs. Perkins, did you have a relationship with Mr. Spencer?" questioned Holly. Kendra's face went from distraught to disgust in seconds.
"WHAT? Are you kidding me? Look at him, he's so poor. I can't believe that you would even think that. May I go now?" Joe nodded his head to Kendra, who quickly left the crime scene. Joe turned to Holly, and just stared at her and shook his head.
"You just had to push didn't you," remarked Joe with disbelief.
"Well, I didn't mean to offend her. It was a decent question. I mean every officer asks that question, especially the way she was describing him. Who does that?" she paused but continued once more, "I think the best part of that moment was the response. That was amazing. No one says that, especially after the way she described him. I guess we can call her-"
"STOP," Joe had his hand up, "Just stop. You did more than enough." Joe starts to walk away. Holly then follows behind him trying to finish her sentence, but never finishing it.

The two arrive at the hospital where they're meeting Lisa to get the report on the body. Holly and Joe are being stared at, probably because they're bickering along the way to their destination. They make their way down the stairs to the bottom floor. They pass several metal doors before arriving in front of a metal door that says morgue in big, black, bold, capital letters. As the door opens, Lisa can hear the two bickering. She rolls her eyes. She knew that anyone who just met Holly would be doing this at the exact moment and time that they were doing it. It was Holly's number one goal.
"Oh, come on you know that that was hilarious. Especially her face after it happened, OH and her response to it to."
"It's not funny," responded Joe who was trying to stay calm.
"Yes it was. It was hilarious."
"Holding a sign against the window that says "Help Me" is not funny. You almost gave that old woman a heart attack."
"I know right," gleefully said Holly. Joe just shook his head, and walked over to Lisa. Lisa was smiling from ear to ear. Joe acknowledged Lisa's existence. There was annoyance in his eyes.
"Aren't you a grown-up?" Joe angrily asked Holly.
"Yea, but why act like a grown-up when you can have fun?" This question stumped Joe. He thought why would you want to act childish, when you can have fun being a grown-up at the same time. Lisa decided to butt in before their little charade continued.
"So based on all the tests, this body is Mr. David Spencer," stated Lisa. Both Holly and Joe looked at Lisa with eyes full of doubt.
"But that's impossible. In the video, he left," responded Joe.
"And how do you know that? Hmm, he left the frame of the video camera. You couldn't even see where he went. For all you know he could've been standing in the same exact area, but out of the frame," interrogated Lisa.
"Well, you're right. We don't know for sure," replied Joe back who was deep in concentration trying to figure out how this was possible.
"But," chimed in Holly, "It's impossible for this to happen, I mean how does that even happen? One moment you're walking around healthy, future looking bright, and then you're dead and looking like a corpse. It's IMPOSSIBLE."
"Well the DNA doesn't lie. Maybe your witness knows the reason behind this," said Lisa coolly.
"What do you mean?" asked Joe and Holly at the same time.
"I mean that didn't Mrs. Perkins say that they were working on an experiment of some sort… together." Joe then begins to take out his slim, silver cell phone.
"What are you doing?" questioned Lisa.
"I'm calling Kendra Perkins. Why you ask?"
"You have her number in your cell phone?" asked Holly in disbelief with her eyebrows raised.
"Yeah, for every case I put all witness and suspect phone numbers in my cell phone to contact them just in case I can't meet with them face to face." Holly and Lisa looked at each other in disbelief. Unaware, both were thinking the exact same thing, isn't that illegal. After Joe talked to Kendra on the phone, he advanced towards Holly and Lisa who were staring at him the whole time during his conversation.
"She's on her way over here," responded Joe to their quizzical faces.
"Here," verified Holly.
"Yes. Why?"
"It's the MORGUE. Hello? Her dead friend's body is here."
"Oh, right." Within minutes, Kendra was walking through the heavy metal door. She looked better than she did at the crime scene.
"You rang?" she chuckled, "Now what do you want me for?"
"We want to ask you some questions about your experiment," responded Holly seriously.
"Okay. What do you want to know about it?"
"What kind of experiment was it?" asked Holly in that same serious tone.
"We were trying to create a new organism. One that was a prokaryote and eukaryote, but not too dangerous either."
"Do you know what the effects would be if this new organism was inhaled in some way?"
"I don't think that that would affect you. The organism needs to be orally taken, if you want the effects of it. However, this organism wasn't that dangerous to where if you were to swallow it, the effects wouldn't have a big impact."
"Thanks for your time Mrs. Perkins," responded Holly sounding slightly disappointed. Kendra nodded her head to say goodbye. She gradually took her time to make her way out. When she left the room was quiet for several seconds.
"Back to nothing… Now what?" said Holly disheartened.
"I don't know. Let's sleep on it," wearily said Joe.

The whole night Holly couldn't sleep. She knew that she had seen this type of stuff happen before, but where? At midnight, she finally figured it out. Her great-grandfather, Helmet, knew and seen this situation back in his homeland, Germany. He had lived in Baden-Württemberg where they're most popular for their industry and woodworking industry, but he became a scientist. He moved to the U.S. in 1916 to live in Washington to live in peace, and to do research and experiments. Now, still leaving in Olympia, Washington, the same situation was here instead of Germany. Holly spent the rest of the night trying to look for her great-grandfather's journals. Finally, at 3:15 a.m. she found the journals. The only problem, they were in German. Holly came in to the precinct with twelve journals stacked on top of each other.
"What is that?" questioned Joe, eying the journals with suspicion while sipping his black coffee in his white, chipped cup.
"These are my great-grandfather's journals."
"And why do you have them?"
"Because I remember that he was in the exact situation as we're in right now."
"So this thing isn't the first time it happened?"
"Okay, what does it say?"
"I don't know," said Holly nervously.
"You don't know. Why don't you know?"
"Maybe because it's German and I don't speak German."
"And I do?"
"No, you idiot, I brought them in so we can figure this out together… as partners." Joe looked at Holly with hatred within his eyes. He knew that the war wasn't over before, but now it was because she was causing him pain and torture by having to read and translate the German to English. He grabbed the top most journals, sat down at his computer, and pulled up Google Translator. Holly gave a chuckle and smiled a smug smile because she knew that she had won the battle.
It took them several hours to complete all twelve journals before they finished. Exhausted from their fingers to their minds, they joined each other in the break room.
"Did you find anything resembling our case?" asked Holly.
"No, just six journals full of German words," responded Joe.
"Wait. Six journals, but I did six journals."
"Yeah, so?"
"There were thirteen journals in total."
"You must have forgotten one of them at home or you miscounted which wouldn't be a surprise."
"Ha ha, very funny. However, you must be right."
"What you miscounted?" Holly hit Joe in the arm before continuing to speak.
"No, I must have left one of the journals at home. I hope it has it in that one. I'll translate the journal tonight."
"Good. I'm beat, I'm going home. See you tomorrow. Call me if you find anything out. Okay?"
"Okay, good night." Joe responded back with a quick wave goodbye. Holly returned to her apartment to find the journal sitting on the kitchen counter, waiting for someone to learn its secrets from within. Holly grabbed the leather bound journal and slowly walked to her old, out-dated, black, bulky computer. She pulled up Google Translator and started to type, re-inviting the pain in her fingers from before. Half way through the book she found resembling events from her same case: the shattering of glass, the computer alarming the victim, the victim going out of view form the camera, and the victim doing an experiment. However, the only thing different about these two crimes, were the experiments. The German accident was the one that actually made the problem: the criminal. Apparently the criminal was a deadly species of plant that consisted of having black instead of regular green coloring. Also, the plant was a vine that relied on one type of food source to live: blood. The results sent Holly's mind in panic. She started thinking of horrible things that could/can happen with this deadly monster on the loose. She decided to go look for it, and the most probable place for it to be at would be the high school, the start of this whole case. Holly called Joe's cell phone to tell him the news and to where she was going, but he didn't answer.
Holly rushed to the high school, and came to a complete stop in one loud screech of the tires trying to get a hold on the black, slightly bumpy pavement. She ran to the crime scene and found that the place was in total darkness. Using the small LED silver flashlight on her key chain, she started to advance forward looking around the room to find the murderer. The bright light shone over every square inch of the room finding nothing. She advanced toward the lonely, white door on the other side of the room: the janitor's closet. Inside she found the most horrid thing she could have found. Holly let out a silent scream as she saw a decayed body come towards her. The body dropped to the cold cement as a thud echoed throughout the abandoned room. Dust and dried-up, dead skin rose into the air as it hit the floor. Out of panic and fear, Holly dialed Joe's cell phone only to have a chill run down her back. A dull, boring ring filled the darkened room as it echoed over and over again never ceasing to stop. The ring was coming from the decayed body on the floor. With ease Holly rolled the body over only to recognize that same cell phone that was used to call Kendra Perkins, a slim, silver cell phone. Holly's mind started to race as she started to walk backwards as if trying to escape the sight of Joe on the floor dead. Not paying attention to her surroundings, she bumped into a desk with the computer on it, the same one that witnessed David's terrible fate, but couldn't speak to tell anyone.
A few minutes passed as Holly tried to calm herself down. She then dialed her crimson red cell phone to call Lisa. Even though Lisa didn't pick up, Holly left a message telling her where to go the next morning to find the unbelievable nightmare lying on the floor. She hung up her phone and decided to leave the abandoned high school, but seemed to be stuck in place as if glued to the floor. She shined her small flashlight down and looked to be struck with horror. The black vines had come to feed on their next meal, her. The vines started to make their way up her left leg, twisting and twirling with glee as it started to eat. Holly fell to the ground due to the weight of the monster gobbling her up. She grabbed the desk trying to pull herself up from her fate. The vines started to move faster and faster up her body, until it reached her arm advancing towards her lone hand. Her hand goes limp and she falls a foot to the cold, unforgiving ground. She attempts to make a scream, but she only gets a short, pleading sound for help before her lips are stitched together. She closes her tear filled eyes as she prepares for the icy, cold hands of death to come take her away. The only thing that escapes is a single tear, as Holly greets the altered world full of darkness.


Rae Jacobs
United States

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